Medical professionals are bound by their professional creed and the Hippocratic Oath to "first, do no harm" to their patients. However, even skilled medical professionals can make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes have terrible consequences for the patient.

We hold medical professionals responsible for their harmful mistakes and negligence. Our team will fight for you!

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If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence or malpractice, the Evans Law Corp will represent you with tenacity and relentlessness as we work to get you the compensation you need to make your life whole and complete again.

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Robert Evans

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Medical malpractice or negligence can cover a wide range of topics and situations. 

If you've been injured, paralyzed, or had a procedure performed that you did not content to, contact our team today to see if you might be eligible for compensation.

Not at all! It's very rare for a doctor to do anything medial with malicious intent. However, negligence is a type of malpractice, and accidents that leave the patient with a lessened quality of life could have a decent case for compensation.

Absolutely. In over three decades of experience, we've covered just about every type of case imaginable. Trust our team to put that expertise to work for you.

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Have you been harmed by medical negligence? Contact our team today!