The Evans Law Corp fights for the victim and the little guy in personal injury, truck accident and wrongful death cases.

The retainer can vary case-by-case, depending on the complexity of the issue. However, there are no hidden fees and everything is agreed upon beforehand.

Robert Evans has been practicing law in both Louisiana and Texas since 1996, and has won multiple awards and distinctions for his customer service, performance and professionalism.

Our team is tenacious and compassionate. We fight t00th and nail for our clients to make sure they get the compensation and justice they deserve. We've received dozens of recognitions for our quality over the years, and bring a no-quit attitude to every case we take on.

All cases and situations are different. There is no blanket answer to this question. However, our team will work diligently to fight for every single bit of compensation that you deserve and will work to see that justice is served.

The Evans Law Corp is based in San Antonio, but we can represent clients all across the state of Texas.

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